At Semillas Fitó we have been specializing in seeds since 1880 and our vision is to be a leading plant breeding company and to act as a driver of transformation in the agricultural and landscaping sector. To achieve this we are structured around 4 business units: Vegetable Seeds, Field Crops, Turf Grasses and Hobby.

Our goal at the Hobby unit is to bring the world of gardening closer to the public, offering quality seeds to an amateur market. To achieve this we adapt to the needs of each type of customer to ensure profitability, which is why we have two brands: Fitó Hobby and Eurogarden.


Comprehensive solutions to optimize the seed category and make it profitable

  • Segmented collections differentiated by color that stand out in an ordered arrangement on the shelves
  • Point of sale material designed for consumers and adapted to each customer.

Logistical and administrative service guarantee endorsed by our customers

  • More than 20% of our workforce is dedicated exclusively to direct customer care.
  • 9 subsidiaries around the world and 2 of our own logistics centers in Spain that serve the specific needs of each customer.

Professional quality products available to amateur consumers

  • Each batch of our seeds passes an exhaustive quality control to guarantee their germination and health quality before being packaged.
  • We have more than 10 breeding and testing centers around the world where new varieties are developed.

Range of products that respond to market trends and demands

  • Wide assortment of vegetable, aromatic, flower, legume and grass varieties, as well as an eco range.
  • Collections in line with market trends.

Fitó Hobby offers a wide range of seeds for amateur and semi-professional farmers for sale at distributors, cooperatives and agricultural warehouses.

Eurogarden offers a range of seeds optimized for amateur gardeners and vegetable growers. It is a brand created for sale in large DIY stores, garden centers and specialized food stores.

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