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Basil Genovesa (Seed Discs) (5 units seed discs)

Annual plant with medium and intensely aromatic leaves. White flowers appear in the summer.

Lettuce Maravilla de Verano (Seed Tapes) (5 meters seed tapes)

It is an annual plant with compact heart and slightly wavy leaves.

Lettuce Red Salad Bowl (Seed Tapes) (5 meters seed tapes)

Annual grass that forms a fairly compact heart with very curly reddish leaves, specially in cool periods.

Oregano (Seed Discs) (5 units seed discs)

Small perennial and slightly ground-creeping bush, 20-30 cm high with small, striking rosy flowers.

Parsley Común de Hoja Lisa (Seed Discs)

Biannual plant that on its first year forms a rosette of leaves and on its second year, the flower stem. It has yellow, plain flowers.

Radish Redondo Rojo - Vermell (Seed Tapes) (5 meters seed tapes)

Variety with small, sparse leaves, early. The root is globular, red, with a diameter and height of 2-4 cm. Compact flesh.

Rocket Sativa (Seed Tapes) (5 meters seed tapes)

Very rustic plant with very few diseases or plagues. Easy to grow.

Spearmint (Seed Discs) (5 units seed discs)

Perennial, herbaceous plant with many rizhomes, invasive, with pink or purple aromatic flowers in the shape of terminal spikes.

Spinach Gigante de Invierno - Santos (Seed Tapes) (5 meters seed tapes)

Variety with large, fleshy, medium-green color leaves, with an overall oval shape, a wide base and a round tip. Very productive and not prone to bolting.
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