Broccoli Merit (50 seeds)

Very tasty heads, bolt resistant.

Col China Premium

Variety that produces 2 kg heads. Very resistant to bolting. It is well adapted to cultivation in warm regions, harvested in the winter and early spring. It has a round shape with dark green lettuce leaves

Cucumber (Pickling) Conil (60 seeds)

Pickling or cornichon type variety. Very resistant plant. Medium dark fast growing very firm fruit.

Cucumber Beautifull Premium (40 seeds)

Medium-long Spanish type variety. Early to mature and strong plant. Medium-long fruit with a light green colour and a very pleasant flavour, as preferred in Spain.

Cucumber Prior Premium

Rustic variety with short internodes and dark green leaves, which makes it ideal for periods of higher heat and lower relative humidity. Fruit: Straight, virtually no bottleneck and dark green even at recommended densities in early crops.

Cucumber Record (60 seeds)

Medium-long slicer variety. Healthy and early plant. Medium-long dark green fruit with a long shelf life. Mild flavour.

Eggplant Larne (70 seeds)

Very long and straight eggplant variety. Early and high yield plant. Very appreciated in Mediterranean cuisine.

Eggplant Myrto premium

Variety with elongated fruits that can reach a length of between 18 to 20 cm. Purple fruits with white marbling and always shiny. Medium-vigour plant that covers the fruits well.

Eggplant Paloma premium

Bright white variety, round and with few spikes, very soft flesh, very good to eat. Very productive and uniform. Highly valued in cuisine for the texture of its flesh and for not absorbing oil when frying.

Eggplant Petra Premium (70 seeds)

Round oval eggplant variety.

Melon Alqueva Premium

Branco de Ribatejo variety, very easy setting and high yield. Elongated elliptical shaped fruit, white-cream flesh, crunchy-sweet, juicy, very sugary, with pure white skin,

Melon Brimos Premium

Galia variety. Vigorous and easy setting plant. Round fruit, turning intense yellow when ripe, with an average weight of 1.8 kg. Dense and fine reticulated rind, light green flesh with high sugar content.

Melon Categoría Premium (60 seeds)

Piel de Sapo (frog skin) variety (green Spanish melon). Vigorous, high yield, easy setting and early plant. Elliptical fruit with a white, very sweet (16ª Brix), crispy flesh and a good shelf life.

Melon Fimel (60 seeds)

Galia type. Early plant, high yield. Round fruits with a medium green finely netted rind that turns yellow at maturity. Light green flesh, sweet (13ª Bix).

Melon Mesol (60 seeds)

Yellow type variety. Vigorous and balanced plant . Round fruit with a smooth and hard golden yellow rind. Firm and crispy white flesh, good flavour (14ª Brix).

Melon Picasso Premium (60 seeds)

Sweet smelling Charentais type. Vigorous and healthy plant, easy setting. Ribbed, medium netted round fruit. Very firm, smelling and sweet (16ª Brix) salmon coloured flesh.

Pepper Ega (60 seeds)

Piquillo type variety. Triangular shaped fruit (8x4 cm) with firm walls, easy to peel off. Because of their special flavour, they are eaten cooked, stuffed and not stuffed.

Pepper Alar Premium

Canned Morrón variety. Plant of medium size and more horizontal branching. Heart-shaped fruits with a conical form, smooth walls and thick flesh (about 7 mm). Bright red colour and medium size (9.5 x 7 cm). Semi-early variety (76 days), grouped, high and uniform production.

Pepper Alicum (40 seeds)

Sweet Italian type. Long and hom shaped fruit (22 cm long, 4-5 cm large). Very thin (3 mm) and smooth walls, no skin. For frying.

Pepper Carisma (60 seeds)

Red blocky variety. The fruit dimensions are 9x9 cm. A 4-lobbed fruit with very smooth 8 mm thick walls. Very sweet flavour. Average weight: 200 g.
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